Year   Title   Author(s)   Source  
2016 Rights and wrongs under the ECHR: The prohibition of abuse of rights in Article 17 of the European Convention on Human Rights Paulien de Morree External link to source »
2014 Human Rights as Practice: Dalit Women Securing Livelihood Entitlements in South India Jayshree P. Mangubhai External link to source »
2013 Genocidal Gender and Sexual Violence: The Legacy of the ICTR, Rwanda’s Ordinary Courts and Gacaca Courts Usta Kaitesi External link to source »
2013 Transforming Discriminatory Sex Roles and Gender Stereotyping. The implementation of Article 5(a) CEDAW for the realisation of women’s right to be free from gender-based violence in Jamaica Ramona Biholar External link to source »
2012 European Non-Discrimination Law. A Comparison of EU Law and the ECHR in the Field of Non-Discrimination and Freedom of Religion in Public Employment with an Emphasis on the Islamic Headscarf Issue Sarah Haverkort-Speekenbrink External link to source »
2012 Religious Symbols in Public Functions: Unveiling State Neutrality. A Comparative Analysis of Dutch, English and French Justifications for Limiting the Freedom of Public Officials to Display Religious Symbols Hana M.A.E. van Ooijen External link to source »